MGFA Annual Convention & Industry Trade Show



The Minnesota Grain and Feed Association has reached a milestone in its illustrious history. From its humble beginning coming out of the emerging cooperative movement to today’s diverse membership base, the association has established itself as an industry leader, committed advocate and vital source of industry-specific information, education and representation. Over the years, the association member-elected leadership and its staff have been recognized locally and nationally for its innovative thinking, strong dedication, active involvement in legislative and regulatory affairs and for conducting itself with a high degree of integrity.

The current Board of Directors and staff intend to uphold the high standards established by the visionaries who met in Minneapolis 100 years ago, in an attempt to elevate the business practices of the grain industry to a higher moral plane. This centennial celebration is a true testament to all the members who have supported and participated in this association and who recognized the value and opportunity that can come when common interest comes together as a unified front. Truly, “Strength Through Association”.